About Us

Koketa isn't just a brand; it's a call to every woman who's tired of fitting into these boring boxes. Coming from the Spanish word 'coqueta,' which means flirtatious, Koketa embodies the daring, empowering, and sexy spirit of modern femininity. When you buy from us, you're not just buying clothes—you're joining a community that values authentic self-expression, empowerment, and personal growth.

A community that's all about authentic living, empowered choices, and owning your shit.

This is for every woman who's felt too complex, too emotional, or too much, we say: bring that shit here and wear it like a badge of honor.

We embrace chaos because it’s apart of a woman's life — it's the multitasking, the emotional depth, the crazy inner worlds we carry. It's the cycles of our bodies, the ambitions in our minds, and the fire in our spirits.

Chaos is the feminine power of creation and destruction, the yin and yang, the nurturer and the warrior.

To embrace it is to own all aspects of yourself, without shame or reservation. It's to walk into a room and be unapologetically you. The power in embracing chaos is in understanding that your worth isn't tied to perfection, but in the beautiful mess that makes you, YOU.

Forget what you 'should' do. Just go out there and live your fucking life. Y que se joda lo que piensen los demás.

Femininity is not just sweetness and light; it's also strength and grit. It's being nurturing without being self-sacrificing, and it's knowing when to say enough is enough.

It's embracing every facet of who you are—the soft and the tough, the traditional and the unconventional. Women are multi-layered, complex beings. Trying to pin us down is like trying to catch smoke with your bare hands. Good luck with that. Our femininity isn't just one thing—it's a wide range of attributes and emotions, changing from moment to moment.

We're saying femininity can be both tender and intense, introspective and outspoken. So, next time someone tries to tell you how to "be a lady," let them know you're busy redefining what that means. Because, at the end of the day, femininity is not what you wear or who you sleep with; it's how you own who you are.

Eso es ser Koketa. This is my love letter to you.


Marelyne A.K.A. Koketa Cabrona