Fairies Aren't Just for Kids

Fairies Aren't Just for Kids

Listen up, ladies!

It's time to talk about some enchanting shit - fairies. Yeah, those little magical creatures with wings that we all secretly wish we could be.

If you have been following Koketa, you know I like to curate collections surrounding women in mythology or even from my own past experiences. Fairies have been something and I wanted to geek out on it with you guys!

SO, first up, we got Brigid - a healing, poetry-spouting, smithcraft master. She was a wise woman and protector of the land - kind of like if Stevie Nicks was a fairy.

Then we have Titania, the queen of the fairies in Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. She was fierce, independent, and could love or hate you on a dime. Basically, she's like the fairy version of Beyoncé - powerful and unstoppable.

Lastly, we got the banshee, or bean sidhe, who warns of impending death with her haunting cries. She's like if Lady Gaga was a fairy - unique, mysterious, and a little bit spooky.

But here's the deal, babes - you don't need wings to channel your inner fairy. Just like these badass fairy goddesses, you too can be powerful, independent, and in tune with nature. And Koketa is here to help you unleash that inner fairy, whether you're feeling like a poetic Brigid, a fierce Titania, or a mysterious banshee. 

So you may ask, how do we to tap into your inner fairy?

First, forget everything you know about being a proper lady. Fairies don't give a flying f*ck about societal norms and neither should you. Be ballsy, be bold, and embrace the wild child within.

Secondly, channel your inner Titania and let that untamed beauty of nature shine through. Ditch the makeup, let those curls run wild, and wear that flowy dress like you're the queen of the fairy kingdom. Who needs a crown when you've got a flower crown and a fierce attitude?

And let's not forget about the magical powers of fairy dust. Okay, fine, it's not real fairy dust, but a little glitter never hurt nobody. Sprinkle that shit everywhere and let the magic flow through you. You're a goddess, after all.

But hold up, being a fairy isn't all rainbows and butterflies (although, there's definitely some of that too). You've got to protect yourself from those BORING mortals who don't understand your magic. Set boundaries, be cautious of who you let into your Kuka, ha I mean kingdom, and don't be afraid to use your powers to put them in their place.

Embrace your intuition, connect with the natural world around you, and tap into that deep knowledge and insight that's been within you all along. 

So why not unleash your inner fairy and embrace all the magic and transformation that life has to offer? With this Fairy Goddess Set by Koketa, you'll be ready to take on the world - one fairy tale at a time.
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This blog post is the most perfect intro to my day . Every now and then I get a desire to be a “fairy”. I grew up a tomboy and believe it or not I’ve never done acrylic nails, put on makeup, owned a purse with like everything inside, have tons of lingerie, or none of that. I know that’s not what makes me a fairy but I think I’m ready to dabble into that world. I’m 29 now. I have a husband of 13 years and kids and I’m still a ball of fun, fit and freaky as hell -but I think that it’s time to tap into that inner fairy and look as such. Thank you for this article. Think I’m ready! Muah ciao


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