Projecting Inner Gold: Is It Me Or Is It Them?

Projecting Inner Gold: Is It Me Or Is It Them?

In the words of Robert A. Johnson, the renowned analyst and author, "Inner gold is the highest value in the human psyche." It's the soul's ultimate gift to you, a source of strength, wisdom, and boundless potential.

Johnson points out that we often end up surrendering this gold to those we admire or feel an intense connection with. It's like when you encounter someone who sparks a change in you, and before you know it, you've projected your inner gold onto them.

Suddenly, this person is radiating like they've swallowed the sun. But plot twist - it's not their light; it's yours. It's your depth, your essence that you're seeing in them. It's like looking into a mirror that shows you your own magic.

The crucial part you need to understand is this golden exchange isn't a charity! You're not just giving away your inner gold to beautify someone else's life, OVER AND OVER without getting it back?

Because - this gold, it's like a boomerang; it's designed to return to you. This surrendering and reclamation of your inner gold is a huge way to evolve and expand your consciousness.

Holding onto our inner gold can feel like a burden. This golden part of our psyche often resembles divine qualities and brings us closer to a higher power.

Here's my inner gold story.

Ever since I was young, people have been telling me about my inner gold. "You're going to college and getting us out of this apartment," "You're so different, I love your energy," "You have so much potential." It was just a lot of expectations. I mean, with so much "gold" inside me, I should be capable of changing the world, right?

The idea of creating change, of inspiring others, is exciting to me. It's like having a superpower. But it also comes with a lot of anxiety. It's the kind of pressure that has you questioning, "Am I using my powers right?" "Am I giving too much?" "Am I going to burn out?"

I've found myself giving, giving, giving - my energy, my passion, my time - pouring out my inner gold like it's on tap. But here's the thing, I'm not a battery. I've got limits, and sometimes, I drain myself dry.

I'm now learning to establish boundaries, to respect my own limits. I'm realizing that my inner gold isn't an unlimited commodity; it needs to be valued, protected, and used wisely. And most importantly, it's mine to carry and mine to manage. You wouldn't just hand over your credit card to a stranger, would you? So why should my inner gold be any different?

Now, don't get me wrong. We all do it. We all pass around our inner gold, especially in relationships, both romantic and professional. It's a part of being human. But it's time we take a step back and recognize when it’s us doing all of the heavy lifting.

You know that magic you thought your ex brought to the relationship? Or that sparkle your old boss had that made you do overtime every other day? Turns out, the magic wasn't in them - it was in YOU. You were basically handing out pieces of yourself to them and they were just lucky to receive all of it.

It's not about being selfish; it's about recognizing your worth. And you know what? You can only see and appreciate the worth in someone else's gold once you've reclaimed your own.

The key here is to understand the difference between projecting your inner gold onto others, and truly embracing it within yourself.

Think of it like this: we all have the capacity to be both THE SUN and a mirror. As a sun, your inner gold is shining out from you - it's acknowledged, it's embraced, and it's yours. You're in control and you're illuminating the world. This is where you want to be- be the sun.

On the flip side, mirroring is when you reflect someone else's light. You're giving them your inner gold, allowing them to absorb and reflect it. They become the sun, and you become the mirror. Now, this isn't inherently bad; it's a natural aspect of human nature, and it helps us discover our own potentials.

So, when I say don't give away your inner gold, what I really mean is don't lose your Sun status. Share your light, let it inspire and illuminate, but remember that it comes from you. It's YOUR inner gold, so own it!

Go out there, find your gold, and keep it to yourself for a while. See how it feels to be the only one glowing in the room. And the next time you think about passing your gold to someone else, ask yourself this - do they deserve MY SUN?

If you're hungry for more insights on reclaiming and embracing your inner gold, I highly recommend diving into Robert A. Johnson's book, "Inner Gold: Understanding Psychological Projection." This book goes deeper into the concept of inner gold and offers valuable perspectives.

Remember, be selective with who you may pass on your inner gold to, respect it, and don't let anyone (including yourself) drain it dry. It's your most precious resource.

Until next time!


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