Bitch, Please! Level Up Your Manifestation Game

Bitch, Please! Level Up Your Manifestation Game

If you want to manifest that dreamy relationship, the big bucks, or that inner zen, you gotta know what you want. No more half-assed intentions; we're getting clear on our desires. Think positive, feel it in your bones, and visualize your dreams. It's time to give the Universe a clear signal that you're ready for the life you want.

So, I attended a virtual manifestation course with Sol, to manifest in 3 areas of my life: family, well-being, and guidance. This class made me really assess myself and how I was or wasn't being a vibrational match for the things I wanted in my life. Yeah, I wanted to tackle that imposter syndrome and become a vibrational match for all the cool sh*t I wanted to manifest. Because let's face it, who wants to stay stuck in mediocrity?

Here are some things I reflected on and wanted to share:

First things first, Positive Self-Talk and Rebranding: We have to check how we speak to ourselves. No more self-deprecating jokes or negative self-talk. We're rebranding ourselves into the women we aspire to be. Affirmations, baby! Repeat after me: "I belong here. I deserve this. I am a frickin' bad bitch." And hey, when something challenges you, don't think or say "I can't do it." Nah, sis, say "I haven't tried it... yet!" Change your language, CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

Let's face it, we've all had those moments where we've trash-talked ourselves. But I said enough is enough! I realized that if I wanted to be a master manifestor, I needed to change my self-talk game. So, I started affirming: "I am a badass. I am worthy. I am the CEO of my life. I do belong in the spaces I want to be a part of." I became my own hype woman, and the Universe started giving me the standing ovation I deserved by bringing in new friendships and attracting the community and spaces I wanted to be a part of.

Next we have, Taking Inspired Action: Manifestation isn't just about daydreaming, baby girl. It's about taking inspired action. No more waiting for the Universe to deliver the perfect job to your doorstep. We're showing up, putting in the work, and making sh*t happen. Whether it's building a kickass business or creating the community of my dreams, I am taking aligned actions that scream, "Universe, I Fcking Want This!"

Now, I won't lie, I used to be the queen of procrastination. I always had unfinished projects because I had so many creative endeavors but wouldn't finish them. Then I decided to step up my game. I made a plan, set deadlines, and showed up every damn day. I started writing again and created this blog, where I, in turn, created a window for any and all women to join in on important subjects like these. I started building and continue to build my soul family. We SEE one another and we feel things together. It wasn't always easy, but I was determined to make sh*t happen. And you know what? The Universe took notice. It started opening doors, sending opportunities, and whispering, "You got this, girl."

Embracing being THAT B*tch: Yeah, the one who knows what she wants and isn't afraid to go after it. How does she dress? What music does she shake her ass to? How does she conquer the morning? Embrace that identity, be intentional, and show up as THAT b*tch. 

Trust me, the Universe will take notice and start aligning sh*t for your highest good. Which bring me to my next point...

Trusting the Universe and Surrendering Control: Releasing the control freak within is the hardest thing I've had to learn. We have to trust that the Universe has our back and is working its magic behind the scenes. No need to micromanage every little detail. Surrender to the flow, have faith, and let the Universe do its thing. Have faith that what you desire is making its way to you in perfect timing.

You may be choosing mediocrity every day in your daily habits and we have to remember our choices make us who we are. So, what kind of life do you want, and are you doing what is necessary to acquire and attract these things? Are you willing to be different? Are you willing to take risks? Are you a vibrational match to what you want to receive?

You gotta know what you want! Whether it's a loving relationship, financial abundance, career success, or inner peace. Clarity is key to sending a focused signal out into the Universe. You have to be able to feel and see what you want in your life.

Sol, the incredible host of the manifestation course I attended, is running an intentional manifestation workshop. It's a series of three sessions in June at 7 pm Pacific Time. These courses focus on manifesting in nine different areas of your life. The first session I attended was on well-being, family, and guidance, and it was eye-opening. The next session will be on June 15th, diving into knowledge, creativity, and mission. I can't recommend these workshops enough if you're serious about manifesting the life you desire. RSVP at www.Platform1.Life and I hope to see you there!


I hope this helps you gain your own clarity and power.

Let's take action towards being the better and bigger version of ourselves!

Until next time,

Marilyne Mendoza

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I read this last night and today I woke up a new person. This was so freakin good and totally what I needed to hear. I gotta get mother effin serious and clear on what I want cause I easily attract like instantly. Long line of manifesting queens and having things show up in dreams and everything. Listen. I really really love this!


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