888 : The Lion's Gate Portal

888 : The Lion's Gate Portal

What's the Roar About?

Every year from July 26th until August 12th, the Lion’s Gate is open with its peak on 8/8. This alignment, where the star Sirius aligns with the Earth and the Sun, brings forward intense energies for healing, transformation, and manifestation. This alignment creates a bridge between the spiritual and physical worlds. Think of it as an opportunity to charge your manifestation powers times 100.

So are you ready to tap into something powerful? The Lion's Gate Activation is like a cosmic green light, helping you kill any doubts and fears about money, and tune into your deepest passions. Whether you're an entrepreneur, a creative, or someone looking to embrace more abundance, this alignment is a golden opportunity. Your purpose is calling – don't let it go to voicemail.

So- of course I wrote a list of things I wanted to manifest on 8/8 at 8pm.

P.S. 888 is a sign of abundance, wealth, and material success.

First: Manifestation in Action: It's Not Just Woo-Woo

I've been a leader in various management roles for big companies. My mom knew I could play dad for my younger siblings. I manifested growth, success, promotions, and all the above for others. Now, I'm doing it for ME. And you know what? I WILL manifest my life as a self-development manifestation coach. No 'ifs,' no 'buts,' no bullshit. Manifestation isn't just sitting on your cute ass, wishing on a star. It's about putting yourself out there!

What I've Manifested So Far (And How You Can Too)

Business Growth, Personal Development, Authentic Living? Check, check, check. I've laid the groundwork, and now it's your turn. My personal experiences are proof that with the right mindset, intention, and a bit of hustle, you can make shit happen.

How I'm Doing It: 

Let's get real: Manifestation isn't just sitting on your cute ass, wishing on a star. It's about putting yourself out there. It's tough. Letting my work speak for itself was my go-to but now I have to pitch myself and change my whole career. Starting over and saying, “HERE'S WHY YOU SHOULD CHOOSE ME.” And guess what? It's working. It's how I paid my rent last month, and it's why you're reading this now.

1. Fighting My Anxiety Head-On

Anxious? You bet. But is it stopping me? Hell no! I'm collaborating with cool creatives, putting myself out there, getting vulnerable, and showing off. I don't give a shit about how people perceive me. Why? Because I know who I am, and that's what matters.

2. Feeling and Looking My Best

I'm sweating it out with a personal trainer, cooking up new recipes, and managing my nerves with the stair master. Looking good is more than vanity; it's VICTORY, BABY, and discipline is sexy, isn't it?

3. Experimenting, Innovating, and Just Doing It

Got sick of heat transfer vinyl, so now I'm experimenting with screen printing. Why? 'Cause I like trying new shit. I do things with heart, with guts. I started Koketa from scratch, and now, 2 years later, it's still growing and expanding.

4. Therapy: An Ear That Actually Gets It

Therapy wasn't just a venting session; it was an enlightenment session. Perspective, baby, that's what it gave me.

5. Self Reflection: What Got Me To This Moment

I figured, if I could nail job interviews and make cash for faceless corporations, WHY THE HELL couldn't I attract the life I want for myself? I've given so much advice to strangers who followed my work on Instagram and never asked for shit in return. Then, BOOM, it hit me. Why not help others WHILE creating the life I want? It's my turn, and it can be yours too.

Why YOU Should Care

Because it's about YOU.

The Lion's Gate Portal peaks on 8/8, but the energy continues for a few days after. It's also a symbol of empowerment, healing, and opportunity.

My Advice (take it or leave it, but you'll want to take it): Make time for YOU today. REALLY SIT AND THINK: set some goals, and align yourself with what makes you tick. Take a minute to breathe, reflect, and manifest.

Join Sol's Intentional Manifestation Workshops

My friend Sol, Founder of 1, a platform that will be hosting a series of workshops, is ready to help you release limiting beliefs.

Want to manifest your dreams? Sol's got you covered:

  • Three Sessions: Covering family, well-being, creativity, love, abundance, and more.
    • 1st session (8/7): Family focus.
    • 2nd session (8/9): Creative mission.
    • 3rd session (8/11): Love and abundance.

I completed the last series and left KNOWING I wanted to be a coach! I am so thankful for Sol (1's Founder) and Courtney (1's Facilitator and Co-Founder) for encouraging me to be my most authentic self and for welcoming me to join the 1 family as a Brand Strategist!

To Join the Workshop click here.

This is about genuine connection, authentic growth, and creating a life WORTH LIVING. What are you waiting for? The universe doesn't wait, so why should you?

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