Entering The Rich Bitch Era

Entering The Rich Bitch Era

Alright, we're diving into what I call my "rich bitch era," where sacrifices are made, strengths are tapped into, and the traditional 9-5 grind is dead. It's time to spill some tea about my journey into the realm of abundance and personal wealth.

In the past, I found myself trapped in the relentless cycle of soul-draining corporate jobs. I was chasing big paychecks while constantly fighting with the feeling that something was missing. No amount of money could ever fill that void. I couldn't continue having panic attacks on my lunch breaks wondering where the fuck my life was going.

Initially, I took a look at my strengths, those skills that had proven invaluable in my previous jobs. I recognized that I'd earned big bucks for my talents that I could leverage to generate my own personal wealth. Take, for instance, how I handle in-store tasks and manage my own brand, Koketa. I market, shoot, edit, package, produce product, design—you name it, I've done it. Essentially, I'm a one-woman show, making shit happen.

It was time to harness those skills and apply them to my ventures. I got into freelancing brand strategy gigs and consultations, am laying the groundwork for the self-development classes I plan to commence next month. I see myself as a manifestation and self-development coach, eager to share my experiences, strengths, and unwavering belief in the power of manifestation with all of you!


Now, let's delve into the concept of a money mindset. My upbringing had instilled limiting beliefs about money in me, but I was determined to escape the boring life my parents sold me as a kid. I embraced a new mantra: "Money is EVERYWHERE." I committed to learning new skills, staying curious, and TRASHED any self-imposed restrictions. Over time, I began to observe a shift in my mindset, especially when I believed that abundance was within reach.

To truly embrace my rich bitch era, I had to make sacrifices—specifically, curbing my overspending. Daily $8 lattes and unnecessary shopping sprees were no longer tolerable.

The truth is, when you're stuck in a scarcity mindset, you end up squandering money on just about anything. You're convinced that buying more will somehow fill the inner void. Just one more pair of $149 Lululemon pants. DON'T JUDGE ME! HAHA

But seriously!! Take a hard, introspective look at your spending habits and ask yourself, "What exactly am I doing?" Are you trying to fill an emotional void? Are you seeking validation through flashy possessions? Are you caught up in the illusion that more stuff equals security? (write your answers down to reflect after you're done reading.)

I'm not suggesting you should entirely abandon shopping. We all deserve a treat now and then. However, it's about being mindful and understanding that your worth isn't determined by the possessions you own. True abundance stems from experiences, connections, and personal growth.

Having become more conscious of my spending and viewing money as abundant, I took a new approach. Whenever I found myself in a tight spot, needing money urgently, I refused to panic. I clung to the belief that money would come my way, no matter what. And you know what? Every single time I affirmed, "Money is EVERYWHERE," opportunities started pouring in. I pitched myself, showcased my skills, and secured freelance gigs. This one project—creating a website for a vendor I had once shopped with—covered my rent and reminded me of the power of faith in my abilities. I still cannot believe I was saved just by selling my skill set to someone while shopping!

When I fully embraced the concept that there's more than enough to go around, that I am more than enough, and that I can overcome any challenge I set my mind to, everything started to shift. Not only was I able to work for myself, but my entire existence took a turn for the better. Striding toward my purpose, although intimidating and unknown, wasn't so scary anymore because I had full faith that no matter the decision I made, money would be at the end of it!

Sure, I may not have a stable salary now, but I KNOW it's temporary and that I am more than capable of creating my own wealth. In monetary terms, I may not be "rich" yet, but I have absolute confidence that it's on its way. In the meantime, inside, I'm already rich as fuck!

So, if you're ready to hop on your own rich bitch era, remember this:

1. FUCK limiting beliefs about money. Repeat after me: "Money is EVERYWHERE." It's your birthright, and you'll soon see the universe serving you on a silver platter.

2. Get off your cute little ass and take inspired action! Pursue your passions, indulge in what fires you up, and show the world what you're made of. When passion and action combine, the universe can't help but notice and reward you.

3. Tap into your inner rich bitch identity. How would she dress? What music would she dance to? How would she start her mornings? Embrace that identity.

4. Trust the universe and let go of control. Let go of that inner control freak and have faith that the universe has your back. Believe that your desires are making their way to you in perfect timing. Trust me, the universe loves a confident, trusting bad bitch.

5. When you spend, ask yourself, "Is this coming from a place of abundance or am I just scared of missing out?" Are you purchasing because you genuinely desire something, or are you trying to fill an emotional void? Shift your focus sis. True abundance is about making conscious choices and aligning your spending with what truly matters to you.

You can unleash your rich bitch energy and manifest the wealth and happiness you desire because there's enough money to go around.


Until next time, keep manifesting that abundance!


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