Meet THE Koketa

Hola, I'm Marelyne, the heart and soul behind Koketa.

Derived from the Spanish term "coqueta," which means flirtatious, Koketa is more than a brand—it's a lifestyle. It's where my obsessions with mythology, poetry, personal development, and of course, ballsy women come to life.

I've got over a decade in retail management under my belt, and now I'm a creative business coach, blogger, and the boss behind Koketa. I don't just design clothes and packaging; I architect experiences.

As a self-taught creative, I pour my heart into every piece I make and design. I love designing things that spark conversations, push boundaries, challenge norms, and looking fine as fuck while doing it.

It's a place where we embrace imperfections, lift each other up, and embrace our sexuality.

Beyond designing unique pieces, Koketa is also a platform where I share my journey and insights about self-development, manifestation, and self-love. On the Koketa blog, you'll find posts that dive into these topics, drawing from my own personal experiences, triumphs, and challenges.

It's my way of sharing the lessons I've learned, in the hope that it might inspire and empower other women on their own journey. The blog is another facet of Koketa's dedication to helping women embrace their strength and live life on their terms.

Imagine Koketa as your sanctuary—a place where you can dive into the magic of poetry, explore your personal growth, and unleash your inner bad bitch. It's a tribe of strong, badass women who live on their own terms.

So, Let's rewrite the rules, embrace our inner chaos, and redefine femininity!

Con Mucho Amor,